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The IEA Building located in the Southern of the dynamic urban city of Saint-Louis, Senegal, a very lively city with a picturesque and calm side that is conducive to writing and research retreats.





iea visiteurs louiscamara et marcadouxpape

 The IEA Conference Room :  Louis Camara, (on the left) , a Senegalese writer in conversation with the Ivoirian scholar, Marc Adoux Papé, associate professor i of political sciences  at  St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York, USA , July 14, 2018

salle de conference iea

Ways of funding IEA Saint-Louis and its activities from 2018 to 2020

There are several sources of funding for the Association and its activities:
1.Programmes proposed and accepted by IEA
2.Subscriptions from IEA members
3.Receipts from the services offered by IEA
4.Income earned from selling IEA publications
1.Contributions from well-meaning people who are willing to make contributions or donations to IEA
5.Grants or donations from public and/or private institutions that wish to support IEA in discharging its missions and activities

These ways of funding can be presented on various terms:

- Funding for the Association can come from IEA public or private partner institutions:
1.Institutions that award a grant to IEA
2.Institutions that fund IEA research programmes
3.Institutions that offer IEA funding to host resident researchers
4.Institutions that solicit IEA support to host a research programme
5.Institutions that entrust IEA with duties within its competencies
6.Researchers and PhD students seeking IEA membership and residency

- Funding for the Association is based in part on the network of IEA friends:
These are guest families that offer accommodation in their homes to enable IEA to provide housing to resident researchers and participants in the institution’s activities.

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