A three-tier governance system
IEA Saint Louis’ administrative bodies comprise a Board of Trustees, a Scientific Committee, and a Strategy Committee. The Board of Trustees includes members of the IEA Saint Louis Association gathered in the organization’s regular bodies. The Board of Trustees sets the direction for work in the administrative bodies, which, in turn, set up commissions based on requirements in the activities they conduct.

The Scientific Committee advises IEA’s executive branch on research topics, programmes and the researchers to select. The Committee comprises individuals recognised by peers in their respective areas of research, science, arts and literature and any other sector that reinforces IEA’s credibility and performance. The Strategy Committee supports IEA’s administrative bodies in their institutional development, choice of direction in the medium and long term, resource mobilization and partnership building. The Strategy Committee includes eminent personalities known for their moral integrity and commitment to research, science, sustainable development and influence for Africa. IEA Saint Louis welcomes all those willing to help it achieve its goals and programmes.

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